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Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Parent Rating Scale Page 1 of 3 VANDERBILT ADHD DIAGNOSTIC PARENT RATING SCALE Child's Name: Date of Birth: Grade: Age: Today's Date: Each rating should be considered in
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Hi my name is a Brianna Johnson I'm a Doctor of Nursing Practice student here at Montana State University and I'm going to talk to you today about the vanderbilt screening test for attention-deficit so the background we're trying to get these pediatric population diagnosed is primarily through primary care providers as 70% of all the pediatric population gets seen annually of all primary care providers only about 8 to 20 percent actually report having advanced training in any sort of child psychopathology therefore it makes it pretty difficult on that provider to feel comfortable prescribing or diagnosing any sort of mental health disorder for for a child um and therefore gives more time constraints and more referrals and before you know it we're a few months out getting that kiddo diagnosed with the correct disorder in of the pediatric population nine point five percent of all teens actually are diagnosed with ADHD so some barriers um I could touch touched on that on the previous slide but it's mostly time constraints and we're all about getting more efficiency and higher productivity in any aspect of the healthcare system so the providers don't have the time to be able to go in and assess the patient therefore if they have ADHD so as well as they're just improperly trained they don't it's not as address in the residences and then training in it so they're not as comfortable as well as for a lot of parents there's just that preconceived notion of the social stigma that your kid might have that their child might have a mental health disorder and it makes them anxious and a lot of times parents don't even want to address the issue of their child potentially having some sort of a mental health disorder and as well as funding home social social economic status as always please I hope you roll in any sort of mental health disorder and for the typical presentation the medications are very expensive um with coupons and having all your follow-up appointments and everything like that so I can get quite expensive quite quickly and so these forums are pretty standard and they're from the National Institute for child health care quality their children's health care quality and this is just a simple form to fill out scale of zero to three and this is a in particular for the parent and questions one through thirty two and then on the back side they have the rest of the questions and when I got off this website has amazing toolkits to diagnose ADHD and it's backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics so kind of the description of the vanderbilt test in general it's a multidisciplinary tool that incorporates both home life in the teacher who knows the patient well so it's really important to discuss with the parents um that this teacher needs to be interactive with this patient and most of the time that comes in your core subjects whether it's science math or English they spend the most time as well as those are typically the courses students will show like a...